What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit, also known as the ERC or ERTC, is a REFUNDABLE credit of up to $26,000 per employee. This credit is available to businesses that kept their W-2 employees on during the pandemic.

We have partnered with expert CPAs who are ready to determine if you qualify with zero retainer fees! Pay only if and after you receive credit. Fill out our simple online application to start the qualification process today.


Is it too latr to receive the ERC credit?

No! Although these credits apply to your 2020 and 2021 tax years, you still have time. Our expert partner CPAs can help you start the qualification process today.

Is this a loan? will I have to pay this back?

No. Unlike the PPP, the ERC is not a loan. You will never have to pay this back. The ERC is a refundable tax credit that can be paid back directly to you as a business owner.


What if I've already been told that I don't qualify?

ERC rules have changed! You may now quality. Our partner CPAs are experts in this arena. Not only will they determine whether your businesses qualifies with no retainer fees, they will also ensure that your business recieve the maximum credit possible.

What if I alreay recieved the PPP loan?

ERC tax credit and PPP loans can work together for your business. You may actually be more likely to qualify for the ERC tax credit if you were able to receive a PPP loan in the past. Recieving  the PPP loan does not disqualify your business.from receiving the Employee Retention Credit.

What if my business improved during or after the pandemic?

 That is awesome and you may still qualify! Doing better or worse during or after the pandemic does not affect eligibility for this credit.


How do I apply/qualify for the Employee Retention Credit?

As a business owner you were able to file for the ERC credits along with your 2020 and 2021 taxes. If you did not do so, there is still time!  We understand that tax laws can be confusing, if you would like to consult a professional licensed CPA to determine whether or not you qualify, we are here to help!

Many CPAs charge an up front retainer. . However, we are different! You pay only if and after you receive your credit. Meaning, if you don't qualify, you pay nothing. So. there is nothing to lose! Let us help you get qualified today.