Fast Cash Funding for Truckers


The trucking industry is essentially the lifeline of America. From essential products like food and medical supplies to entertainment items such as electronics and our children's toys, truckers connect Americans with everything that we need on a dailybasis!

Did you know that most banks consider trucking companies to be high risk loans? Many times, they will not even consider loaning capital to this type of company, consistently turning truckers down for the loans that they need to expand their businesses. Banks avoid these loans citing reasons such as driver shortages, rising fuel cost, and the lag time between delivery of service and payment of invoices as justifications for their high risk determination.

At times trucking companies are forced to turn to other sources of capital, such as borrowing from friends or loved ones, borrowing against their homes. or invoice factoring. However, this is not necessary! At DAC Funds Me!, we believe in all of our American small businesses, including the trucking industry. We help fund trucking companies every single day! We are here to help truckers get the cash they need fast in order to expand and grow their businesses.

DAC Funds Me! finds cash for truckers fast! We can help you with many different funding options, including same day Cash Advance up to $25,000, Business Lines of Credit up to $100,000, and Business Capital up to $2 million dollars. And don't worry about having perfect credit, Unlike many banks, we can help approve clients with scores as low as 500. We are here to help meet the unique needs of your small business.

Not only will DAC Funds Me! help truckers get funded fast, we also make the process simple. We understand that running a trucking business is a lot of work and that owners are busy. we make the process simple with an easy online application. After completing the application and uploading the required documentation, you will get a quick answer. you will hear back from us as soon as the same day for a smaller fundings and in as little as 1 to 2 business days for larger fundings.

  Please click the button below to learn more about funding options or to start the application process. We are here to help! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.